We reported a few days back that Google was planning to fold up Chrome OS and integrate it into Android, as did a lot of other industry pundits and tech news outfits. The Wall Street Journal quoted people “familiar with the matter”, who knew that the mothership was working on the integration of Chrome OS into the more widely used Android ecosystem. Google has since then moved to quash the story.

In a post in Google’s Chrome Blog, Hiroshi Lockheimer said that the news has caused some “confusion” in the tech industry. He says that while it is true that Google is working on ways to bring Android and Chrome OS together, “there is no plan to phase out Chrome OS”. So that should clarify things for many of those who have questions out there.

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Lockheimer proceeded to list out the plans and milestones that they have had for Chrome OS – including making the OS better and faster each version that they put out. He says that Chromebooks are helping in education, businesses, and even in IT administration.

The plans lined up are a refresh of the aesthetics of Chrome OS based on Android Lollipop’s Material Design. Google also plans to launch a new media player embedded into Chrome OS. Finally, Lockheimer says there is a new batch of Chromebooks to look out for in 2016. So there, Chrome OS fans can rest easy – the mothership is not throwing out the OS just yet.

SOURCE: Chrome Blog