Today Google hosted their annual earning reports for Q1 2013, and we’ve been getting all sorts of information about revenues, how much Motorola lost this quarter, and now things are turning towards products. If you’re listening along Google’s CEO Larry Page might not sound excited by his calm, almost sleepy voice, but he had some good things to say about plenty of upcoming products.

During the earnings report Google’s CEO Larry Page had a few interesting comments specifically about Motorola, and echoed similar comments from Eric Schmidt earlier this week about the level of excitement the company has for their new smartphones. Basically he confirms they are excited about the future of Motorola, and stated there are two key areas of innovation that Motorola is going to nail. That being battery life, and durability. Page had this to say:

“Having just seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself, I’m real excited about the potential there. In just under a year, they have accomplished a lot, and have impressive velocity and execution.”

Then Google’s CEO turned his attention to a few things we use daily, as well as something we all wish we used daily. That being Google Glass. In regards to Glass Larry confirmed developers will be getting them by the thousands in the coming days, but when asked about the $1,500 price he didn’t have anything further to share. Confirming that was a developer only price, and wouldn’t reveal what we might expect to pay at retail. However, Larry is extremely excited about the potential and true next-gen possibilities with Google Glass and also made this comment.

“I get chills when I use technology of the future, and that happens with Glass.”

We’d love to share those chills, but we haven’t used them yet. Make it happen Google! Then Larry followed up by making a few quick comments about Google Now, voice search, and other things but surprisingly Google+ wasn’t talked about too much. He’s excited about how impressive Google Now is, and how far it has come in the short time available. Being able to find directions to the nearest pharmacy instantly, without typing, is something special and those types of features will only continue to improve.

Larry Page mentioned “voice search momentum” hinting towards the fact that it’s finally picking up steam and everyone’s using it, which leads us to believe Google Now will be a huge part of Android Key Lime Pie and their Google I/O developer event. It’s safe to say Google Now is the future of Android, and Glass — once again.

Google’s CEO ended on a note that they aren’t worried about making money with Google Glass, not yet at least. Stating they are successful with advertising, and getting people information in a fast an efficient manor. Everything else will work itself out. We can’t wait for Google I/O and are dying to get our hands on Glass, see more of Google Now, and what Android Key Lime Pie has to offer. Stay tuned for a busy month or two guys!


  1. Larry is just awesome. He has the best demeanor for a CEO, loves what he does, and loves what he built. I believe that Larry wants to make sure every person has the technology to make their lives better.


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