This afternoon while speaking at the AllThingsD Dive Into Mobile conference our good friend Eric Schmidt and former CEO of Google had some interesting and juicy comments regarding Android. We’ve shared a few of his statements this afternoon about Android activations, Samsung’s role in Android and more, but now lets talk about Motorola.

Google recently acquired Motorola Mobility and we’ve all been waiting to see that entire deal come to fruition. And when we say come to fruition we mean see the next smartphones and tablets from Motorola with Google at the helm. While there’s been countless X-Phone rumors and all sorts of information, the details remain unclear regarding what we can truly expect.

We’ve heard reports from Google’s CFO that Motorola had 18 months of product development in the pipeline we’ll have to wait out, and that the devices didn’t exactly “WOW Google” but today Schmidt had something very different to say. When asked about Motorola’s current stance as well as their future with Google moving forward Eric Schmidt had some kind words.

“They have a new set of products that I have seen that are phenomenal.”

That isn’t all from Eric Schmidt either. Once pushed a little more on what we can expect to see he nicely gave us something to be excited about moving forward too and said we should “wait and see for this next generation of technology, it’s very impressive.” Then that was followed up with questions regarding smartphones, tablets, or both and he said think of it as “phones plus.” Whatever that means. Could that be some phablets from Motorola coming soon? I hope not.


Motorola has done a good job this time around keeping their upcoming products a secret, and we haven’t seen nearly the amount of leaks that other devices like the Bionic, RAZR, RAZR HD and more saw. Hopefully we learn more soon, and we’re excited for the possibilities coming to Google I/O in late May.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. Maybe “phones plus” is a hint that they are reviving the Atrix idea?
    (Small-ish phone that’s packed full of power that can be docked to a monitor or TV to act as a computer/googleTV replacement.)

    I always thought that idea had promise, they just didn’t quite get the implementation and pricing right. Now that phones can push 1080p and Android (ICS+) supports HiD devices (including mouse cursor) out of the box, I think it might be interesting to give it another try.


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