The Google Camera app on the Pixel devices are to die for – these apps are where Google has poured out its effort to make mobile photography in the Pixel devices a dream. Fortunately for us non-Pixel users, several developers have ripped the Google Camera app, modded it, and ported it for use on other phones. Now we get more benefits from the mod, like the sought after Portrait Mode, and even 4K video support.

The Google Camera Mod is usable by phones powered by a Snapdragon 820 or 821 processor – similar to what the original Pixel phones run. The Portrait Mode feature was supposedly a Pixel 2-only deal, but developers have now brought it over to the mod. This means your OnePlus 3 phone – using the Google Camera Mod – can now take bokeh-style pictures even without dual cameras. Just note that the Google Camera’s Portrait Mode only works on people as subjects.

Also, the Google Camera Mod now apparently supports taking video in 4K resolution – as long as your device hardware supports it. It used to be that the mod was not able to do this, but again, third party developers to the rescue. OnePlus 3 phones are not known for taking great pictures, but most users of the mod swear that it improves the handset’s imaging by a factor of ten.

You can download the Google Camera Mod APK from the source link below. Just make sure your device already supports the native Camera2 API from Android. A bit of research will allow you to do this on OnePlus phones and other devices that use Snapdragon 820/821 chipsets.