Google’s been on a bit of a buying spree as of late. From Motorola to QuickOffice, and even Meebo. Today however we are talking about patents, wireless efficiency ones at that. Google has just grabbed some important patents that we could see integrated into a host of things from Android and more.

According to SlashGear Google just snatched up tons of wireless efficiency beam-forming patents from Magnolia Broadband. Some of these patents cover network capacity maximization, battery frugality technology and more. Their beam-forming Mobile Transmit Diversity (MTD) is for sale and on many chipsets, and will remain on sale, Google will just own the patents and rights.

“This patent portfolio is derived from over a decade of research, development, and testing,” Magnolia said in a statement about the deal today, “and covers methods for increasing spectrum utilization (network capacity), expanding coverage, improving uplink transmission speeds at the cell edge, and improving device battery life.” Their technology could potentially increase data coverage for users, as well as substantially save on battery life by being more efficient.

Their technology and patents can increase cell towers range and response without consuming additional power (and lowering battery life,) and even allow service in some areas that were previously out of coverage. They also claim huge increases in performance from high-speed data like 3G and 4G LTE at the same time. If I could get much faster speeds without suffering battery loss, I’d be one happy Panda. Hopefully we see this technology and efficiency integrated into all of their Android offerings, and possibly even in Google Glass. More details from the link below.

[via SlashGear]



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