Foxconn, manufacturer of notable device such as the iPhone, also holds a host of patents. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google recently purchased a number of patents from Foxconn, though what was purchased isn’t yet known. We also don’t know how much the portfolio was purchased for.


The Taiwanese manufacturer is one of the larger patent holders with regard to technology. They applied for 128,400 patents in 2013, being granted about half of that. Though it’s not clear just what patents Foxconn sold to Google, it isn’t the first time the two have done business.

Google purchased a variety of patents relating to heads-up displays last year, likely to clear the way for Glass. Google also famously purchased Motorola, then kept the entire patent portfolio when they sold the mobile division to Lenovo. Google is also believed to make changes to Android after the most recent Samsung/Apple trial, so these patents could relate to that move.

This could also impart influence on wearables, where Google is making headway with Android Wear. The wearable operating system is set for release on devices later this year, with many believing it will roll out to wrists around Google I/O in June. Several companies have pledged support for Android Wear, so Google may just be tying up loose ends on the patent front before releasing it to the public.

Source: The Wall Street Journal