Today we’re learning some additional details about a rather neat new feature Google has introduced and integrated into Gmail. Sadly the new feature isn’t on mobile, yet, but Gmail will now allow users to automatically add events and reminders to their calendar right from emails. Basically one click easy Google Calendar entries.

Starting today, Gmail now detects dates and times in emails and will underline and highlight said dates. Then users can simply click the highlighted text and get a nifty little pop-up asking them if the information is correct, then will seamlessly integrate the dates and schedule a reminder in your Google Calendar.

Google announced the details recently on their Gmail blog, but sadly this feature appears to only be for their desktop client. Although we have a feeling this little shortcut will be headed to Android soon. So while this isn’t totally Android related, we all use Google and Gmail daily on our devices, and I’m sure many of you will love the new feature on desktop, and when it comes to mobile.


To be even more convenient, when you get the reminder or alert of the saved calendar entry, it will even have a link directing you back to the original email, should you chose to look. Google states this is rolling out over the next week to those who uses English in Gmail, and more languages will coming soon. Expect this to arrive in Gmail for Android soon too. Hopefully.


  1. Is there a way of automate the process?
    If I email myself a calendar event is there a way of making Google understand that I want it to schedule it in Google calendar right away?
    That would be great if I’m on a corporate computer and I would like to email myself an event.

  2. About time! Couldn’t you do this in Hotmail ages ago?

    Now all that’s needed is to be able to click and add from my phone.

  3. Still impossible on android, works just fine on iphone… 5 years old iphone. Comeon google. I have to lug around my old iphone just for this feature? It’s your own service and when you buy a nexus product you are unable to use it? Nananananan batmaaan.


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