Late last night we learned that Google’s popular cloud music service Google Play Music had recently received a few changes. Users can authorize 10 devices to use the music service, but recently Google changed this to only allow four deauthorizations per year. While this doesn’t matter to the average user, many in the developer community were upset and we saw an uproar this afternoon.

If you have a Galaxy Nexus and listen to Google Music, then wipe your phone and flash the latest CyanogenMod9 ROM and then listen to music again, you’ll have used two authorizations even though it’s the same device. For those with multiple phones (like me) developers, or the crack flasher that tries tons of different ROM’s you’ll run out fast.

Today everyone started covering the news that Google is now only allowing 4 deauthorizations per account and if you’ve used them all up you are out of luck. After a major uproar by almost all the online blogs, Android or not, it appears that Google has changed their mind. You can now go in and clear as many unused devices as you’d like. I’m sure a similar limit will be returned soon once they sort out this mess and how the system authorizes devices, but for now you better hurry and do it while you can.

I was clearly at my limit this morning, but have since went to, settings, and cleared out old devices that I don’t currently use. We’d suggest the Android developer, ROM flasher, or multi-device user do the same.