With only a few days left before Google’s annual developer event Google I/O kicks off, we’re starting to hear some bad news regarding the Motorola X-Phone. While most of the reports have only been rumors, last night some analyst reports suggested Google has actually axed the X-Phone. Claiming that Google is distancing themselves from the phone simply because it isn’t up to their standards.

We’ve heard a lot regarding the X-Phone. Many reports claim Google’s been working on this device alongside of Motorola, others have stated it’s all Motorola. Then Google even came out and said there was 18 months of products in the pipes before Google’s influence would be seen in Motorola devices. Many are excited about the device either way, so here’s why you shouldn’t worry about this rumor.

The rumor basically states Google’s turned down the X-Phone, and returned the project to Motorola for further testing, development, and to improve features. This could all just be hype, and possibly an old rumor that was fired up after those comments last month where Google’s CFO said Motorola’s products didn’t “wow” Google. We’ve seen more and more of the X-Phone lately, so take this analyst report with a grain of salt.


According to GSM Insider the smartphone is still coming, and Motorola still aims to put a lot of effort behind it, we just don’t know when. This also means Google might distance themselves from the handset, and it won’t come with stock Android like the leaked images we saw last week. The device has appeared as the Motorola XFON, it was spotted in benchmarks, and tipsters that leaked the photo claims it will arrive on all major US carriers, including Verizon with 4G LTE.

At this point we really don’t know what to believe. This has been such a hyped device simply for the ties to Google, so for now we’re taking everything with a grain of salt. We have a feeling Google will be dropping the XFON at Google I/O next week, but there’s a good chance Motorola will do their own thing later this month, or in early June to reveal the handset.

SOURCE: PocketNow


    • Well, the device is more than a rumor at this point. As we’ve seen multiple hardware pictures and videos leak. How much Google is integrated into the device is the rumor, basically.

      • You know the ones where they say 2x microSD slots (huh?) and the front pictures of the phone that look the same as a Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4, but they put an ‘M’ in the corner and some weird case.

  1. Google I/O is a developers conference. Why would they even consider a moto phone showing at it (unless its a nexus but its not)? Moto will announce their own phone whenever they feel necessary. I/O aint happening


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