A trio of images were just released of an unknown mysterious smartphone from the folks at Motorola. We know they have something in the works, probably with the aid of Google, but so far the details have been extremely light. With Google I/O coming up quick hopefully we’ll learn more soon. The phone is concealed in quite the “blackbox” case, and looks very similar to a Nexus device.

As usual our good friend over on Twitter @evleaks has delivered another quality look at an unannounced smartphone, and now we’ll just need to hope for more details. The device is obviously being concealed so we can’t see the full design elements, but it looks extremely similar to the Motorola XT912A that leaked back in March.

Is this a Nexus? Doubtful because it has Motorola’s logo plastered on the top in a way usually only AT&T offers, and is also riddled with AT&T and carrier bloat like the MyAT&T app. This leads us to believe it could possibly be a Motorola Atrix 3, but really, we’re not so sure at the moment as this just hit the wires.

Update: Second image posted of the back. Label states “XFON ATT” so this could be AT&T’s version, and we can hopefully expect other carriers to get a similar device.


Is this the Motorola X-Phone? Maybe. Looking at the software on board we can expect Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and all the icons appear to be stock Android, without much of MotoBlur included. Motorola has slowly gone more stock lately now that Google is in charge, and we’ve heard the X-Phone will take a Samsung-like approach and they’ll try to launch it on all carriers, but not quite the same way as a Nexus launch.

As soon as we hear or see more we’ll be sure an update. We could be seeing this at Google I/O, or it might just get announced like any other Motorola phone as of late. Stay tuned!

[via @evleaks]