If you’re not familiar with Google Authenticator, know that the app has been around for years already. It’s been getting regular upgrades, security fixes, and even competition in the form of the Microsoft Account app. This time, the Android app is getting another update that brings Android Wear support to several wearable devices. Don’t be surprised if you receive verification codes from other devices because this step is another security layer.

With this update, you’ll also notice improvements on the UI including a new theme and icon. Obviously, performance enhancements and bug fixes have been made as well. For developers, you’d be happy to know that there’s now support for NFC Security Key which is actually based on the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol that works via Near Field Communication. All these are added to the many features of the Authenticator for Android including a 2-Step Verification.

Even before you can install this latest version of the Google Authenticator app, Play Store will ask by showing a prompt for NFC permission. You can benefit a lot from this authenticator app to improve on your Android mobile security. It’s a Google-developed app so you know it really works.

Google Authenticator for Android 1

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SOURCE: Online Security Blog