Earlier today the folks from Mountain View updated Google Search, or Google Now as some like to call it, and while that update is awesome it wasn’t the only needed update today. Google has also issued updates to Google Voice as well as their Authenticator app. All these new versions are available as we speak but read on for more details.

Google Voice got a massive update today. While it isn’t visually different or improves with new features Google’s solved some bugs that needed serious attention. That delay in sending messages has finally been fixed, finally. The long and outstanding delay in SMS messages with Google Voice has finally been addressed today, which should make many users extremely happy.

Google’s also solved the inbox sync issue that has plagued Google Voice for some time too. What this means is Google Voice inbox will now sync seamlessly between all of your devices, instead of being one hot mess if you have multiple phones and devices in which you use the service. Thanks guys!

Google’s Authenticator app also received a few minor changes, and nothing too important but worth a quick shout out. It’s nice to see them still paying to an app such as Authenticator, and we’ll take what we can get. This update simply states “bug fixes in the account setup flow,” UI tweaks, and that’s all she wrote. It looks like Google Translate received a few new changes too for those in need of that app. Get the updates from the links below and enjoy!

Google Voice Link
Google Authenticator Link