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The Google Assistant has improved in major ways the past few years. It has become Siri’s biggest rival and is now a rival to Alexa. The Assistant is loved by many mobile consumers because of its integration with numerous products, services, and systems. The tech giant regularly upgrades the service. Just yesterday, we mentioned it now lets you schedule when to turn lights on/off. It is also now supported by Samsung 2020 TVs in more countries. Fitbit also recently brought Google Assistant in a new firmware update.

With Fitbit getting chummy with the Assistant, this also meant other services will get a similar support. Now we’re learning the Assistant can track wellness data even from other third-party services. This development is good news for those that use other health and fitness trackers apart from Fitbit.

The Google Assistant now has a Wellness section. This allows you to integrate your Fitbit device. This also allows you to access data from other devices that use the Google Assistant.

The data that could be tracked include sleep, nutrition, or exercise. You can soon ask Google how long you slept night. Asking about how far you run may be done someday.

Only Fitbit is supported, at least, for now, and only sleep can be tracked. It’s just the beginning. We expect more services will be accessed.


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