At the middle of 2017, Google announced a contest for developers to create Actions for Google Assistant. The goal here was to build fresh new apps for the Assistant, and create new ways people can interact with their devices. Google has just announce the top three winners of the said contest.

The first place winner of the Actions on Google Developer Challenge is an app called “100 Years Ago”. This is a cute app to try on Google Assistant, it takes you back in time 100 years to listen to a radio show that features “breaking news” and hit songs from 1917. Very cool concept indeed.

Second place goes to an app called Credit Card Helper. This one “analyzes card features, customer reviews, reads the fine print and looks up Consumer Reports to help you find the best credit card offers.” Third place goes to “Planet Quiz”, an educational app that helps people learn more about the solar system.

In addition to these winners, there were also top selections for “best app by students,” “best parenting app,” “best life hack” and a lot more categories. The full list of winners can be seen here.

SOURCE: Google