Google wants to expand the range of responses one can get from querying Google Assistant, so it is launching the “Actions on Google Challenge”. This is primarily an app building contest for Google Assistant, especially with the new API now being utilized. Let’s hope this gives us better apps for the Assistant platform.

Be innovative enough and Google will give you up to USD$10,000 in prize money and a trip to Google I/O 2018. That’s as much as the mothership is willing to give for people who will be able to build new apps for Google Assistant. The new API now allows cards with images, animated GIFs, and a lot more options for what can come up in the results of a query.

Developers will have 3 months to build their apps – entries must be approved by August 31 to be qualified for the contest. There are a lot of categories where you can win, aside from being the best new app for Google Assistant. You can win as the “most fun distraction”, the “best new app by student”, “best voice interaction”, and “best easter egg” among others.

You can check out the Actions on Google Challenge official page for more information on how you can win prizes. Let us know if you’re trying your skills on this contest.

SOURCE: +IanLake