If you happen to be an Allo user, Google wants to get in touch with you. They just want you to help out in some user research studies by providing information about your recent experiences with the smart messaging app. Allo users living near San Francisco and Seattle in the US, Sao Paulo in Brazil, New Delhi in India, and London are wanted specifically. We’re guessing you will need to fill up survey among others.

Google has explained that such user research studies help the company improve its products and services. Getting feedback directly from people is important as with any other brand. The Google Allo team researcher didn’t exactly say what will be asked but we know in studies like this, feedback on a prototype, new feature, or existing product are asked.

It is possible that sessions will happen online, on your mobile device, in your office, home, or at a Google office. Feel free to share your experiences and give Google researchers the correct and necessary information they need from you. Be honest as all answers help the team with their product planning.

Google may also ask about daily habits or request that you keep a log of some activities so if you are willing to help, do sign-up HERE.

SOURCE: Google Allo