It looks like Google is considering making an entrance into the internet TV world by offering traditional TV programming to online subscribers with a new streaming service. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of big hitters trying to join this front, but today the Wall Street Journal is reporting Google’s been pitching their plan to big media companies in hopes of securing some deals.

For Google to offer regular TV broadcasts and daily programming over users internet connections surely would be nice, and something I think we should all have already. The WSJ reports that Google’s been pitching their idea to multiple big media companies and trying to secure content deals from multiple outlets.

If Google is able to offer an online TV service and cut out middle men like Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner Cable, it would be a massive switch from how many users enjoy TV currently. Not only would this affect current cable providers, but also streaming options such as Netflix and HULU, as surely Google would take an approach of offering everything under one roof. Not to mention Google TV integration, YouTube and more.

Over-the-top Internet TV services are reportedly in the works by Intel, Sony, and Apple just to name a few, and Google could be a major player in that front. So far the details are extremely light, as the news has just arrived, but we’re hearing you’ll be able to bundle programming options together, but all I really want is my sports and HBO.

The Wall Street Journal report goes on to mention the product to be used in our households is already being demoed by Google, which could possibly be the upcoming replacement to the failed Nexus Q. A product that we’ve already heard will be making its second attempt at the market later this year. Or maybe they’ll just offer TV programming along with their Android Game console. Get er done Google!



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