Goat Simulator

Goat simulation technology rules! Ah yes, the Goat Simulator which we featured last September has just been updated. Don’t be surprised if this game is still available because there are people who still fantasize about being a goat. With this app, your goat dreams can finally come true but for a price. From $4.99, Goat Simulator is now down to $2.99. I’m pretty sure more goat fans will grab this offer and start causing destruction in a world where goat rules.

The updated Goat Simulator is still the same app that allows you to be a goat. It’s like a skater game but main character is this goat who wrecks stuff everywhere. Destroying stuff will gain you points. Try and be the alpha goat among your friends as you try to defeat the millions of bugs on screen.

Goat Simulator can be played on Android TV but a compatible gamepad is needed. Its developer Coffee Stain Studios updated the app and fixed some issues with Japanese and Russian localization and added a whole new map called City Goats Bay. Some devices would get a black screen but that’s fixed already. Also added were new goats, a lickable helicopter, hyper realistic water physics, and pigs that can get stuck somewhere to make the game more exciting than ever.

Download Goat Simulator from the Google Play Store


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