I can’t believe it’s almost a year since Coffee Stain Studios made our goat dreams a reality on Android. Even if it’s a premium app, there were still people crazy cool enough to pay for this game that lets you be a goat for a day or for as long as you can stay glued to the screen. The madness continued with a new city map being added and zombies were added to the craziness. We anticipated more fun would be added to the game and looks like it’s time for the next-generation Goat simulation to be experienced.

This Goat Simulator is such a success that a multiplayer online version needs to be developed and Coffee Stain Studios heard your bleats (that’s the sound a goat makes). This simulated MMO title includes five different classes for you to enjoy from Warrior to Rouge, Magician, Hunter, and Microwave. Together with your goat friends, complete dozens of quests and level up many times even up to 101. That’s how exciting this game can be–more levels, more challenges, and more fun.

Within Goat Simulator MMO, you’ll meet those dwarves and elves and maybe even Dumblebore the Grey in Twistram. You’ll be surprised at what or who you’ll meet in this game so you better decide if you’ll spend $4.99. If you haven’t played any goat simulator game before, now is the time.  I tell ya, it’s worth your five bucks.

Download Goat Simulator MMO Simulator from the Google Play Store