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JLab Audio is relatively a newcomer when it comes to the consumer audio business but it has introduced a few devices that already made an impression. We remember the Rewind Wireless Retro headphones bringing us back to the ‘80s. There was also the Epic Air Bluetooth Earbuds as JLab’s first true wireless accessory. Bringing music party to the whole house was the JLab Audio Party Series. We also remember the Gravity Bluetooth Neckband Adaptor and Earbuds from a few years back.

The latest we were introduced to was the JLab GO Air POP true wireless earbuds. At the CES 2022, a new pair of wireless earbuds is announced. It is said to change how consumers usually look at true wireless earbuds.

The JLab GO Air Tones are ready in different neutral colors based on skin tones. This collection of earbuds has been designed to be discrete in appearance. Options include white, black, and several colored versions that may match people’s different skin tones.

The idea of using such color options actually came from customer feedback. A number of users requested for these subdued colors so the attention of the people won’t always be on the earbuds. JLab’s response is a first in the market that will blend in and actually be inclusive.

GO Air Tones by JLab Images

To produce the colors, JLap worked with Orly Color Labs. The latter is part of the nail care brand ORLY which is known for their nude color polishes great for different skin tones. From a palette of over 60 shades, JLab and ORLY chose different GO Air TONES color options from warm to neutral and cool undertones.

JLab CEO Win Cramer has this to say about this project: “JLab has always made a lot of noise in this industry by creating products that stand out in features, quality and their accessible price. As we always say, we actually listen to our customers and are creating a new line of products that are both high-quality and feature-rich, but in this instance are designed to blend in.”

GO Air Tones by JLab

If you plan on getting a pair, you may want to check JLab’s online Fitting Room. It is an augmented reality filter online that lets consumers see how different colors would look in their ears. You can virtually view the colors so you can find that tone for you.

Pre-order for the GO Air TONES started last December 30, 2021 for $20. Units will be delivered mid January.


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