JLab GO Air POP Price

JLab has been around for some time now but we haven’t featured any new pair from the brand. In the past, we have seen the Rewind Wireless Retro headphones and the JLab Audio Party Series. There was also the Epic Air Bluetooth Earbuds as JLabs’ first true wireless accessory. Today, we’re learning about the JLab GO Air POP. The pair is ready to make a difference by offering almost premium audio experience at an affordable price. For $20, the earbuds can last for over 32 hours of battery life.

The JLab GO Air POP comes equipped with a built-in charging cable in the earbuds’ case. The cable can also be folded at the bottom of the case for easy access when you want to charge the earbuds.

The charging case of the JLab GO Air POP is very small. It’s just enough to carry the wireless earbuds. The pair is expected to sell fast because of its price. For $20, it’s really not bad.

The budget-friendly pair of wireless earbuds is officially called the JLab GO Air PO. It comes with a two-year warranty which is more than enough for earbuds that is low-priced.

JLab CEO Win Cramer has this to say about the pair: “JLab launched the GO Air Pop to be the new tip of the spear in our true wireless portfolio, providing a gateway for new customers to experience true wireless technology and also shows the world that just because a product has an entry-level price, it can still have great features, benefits, and awesome technology.”

The pair offers true wireless experience. It will be available in different colors: teal, slate, rose, black, and lilac. You can pre-order for a pair right now. Price tag reads $19.99.


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