While your phone’s native email app may still be your go-to friend when it comes to ease of use, there are still some things it can’t do, especially if you’re a heavy Google user. The tech giant continues to improve its whole ecosystem of apps and functionalities with its latest update to their Gmail Android app. Now you can attach files directly from your Google Drive, which saves you from a few steps more than what you usually do.

The new Gmail app now has an “Insert From Drive” option when you’re trying to attach your files, which will make it easier for you, especially if you’re very dependent on the cloud to house your files. And if in case the file hasn’t been previously made public or shared with the person you’re trying to email, then you can also change the sharing setting of the file before you send it. You don’t have to go to the Drive app to change it, you can do it directly while in the Gmail app.

The previous update on the Gmail app just two months ago gave users the ability to kind of do the reverse, which is to save files directly to your Google Drive when downloading it from the email so that you will not have to occupy space and bandwidth on your phone or tablet. This new update has also improved the autocomplete functions in the app itself, a very important factor when you have a lot of business and personal contacts that you can’t remember all their email addresses.

Be patient if you don’t see yet these updates on your Android device. They have only started rolling it out and so you should be able to receive it in the next few days. If you haven’t yet, download the Gmail app from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Google