Google has pushed out a new version of its Gmail app for Android that has some new major features. Aside from the ability to save attachments directly to Google Drive, there are also UI changes will benefit not only English speaking users but especially those that use right-to-left or RTL languages as well.

Previously, you could only either preview attachments or save them to your device’s storage. In order to save up space, and of course spread its cloud storage solution as well, Gmail will now let you save those files directly to Google Drive, instead of having to download them first and then upload them to Drive, should you wish to store them on Google’s cloud. Another interesting new functionality is spam message explanations. Gmail’s spam detection is sometimes very aggressive and can even mark legitimate email as unwanted spam. Now users will be able to see just exactly why it thought an email shouldn’t be worth your time.

On the user interface side of things, Google is improving RTL support in Gmail for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and others. Now, instead of just the text going from right to left, the whole interface is flipped too, with profile pictures now showing up on the right instead of the usual left. In addition to this, accessing the side navigation menu has also been made ubiquitous, letting users swipe from the left to bring it up, whether they’re reading an individual email or looking at lists. The Settings, Help, and Feedback options have also been relocated to the side bar. Naturally, those using RTL layouts will have to swipe from the right.

These changes are now rolling out via Google Play Store. As before, a bit of patience should be exercised in waiting for the staggered rollout to complete its rounds.

Download: Gmail on Google Play Store, mirror [apk]
SOURCE: +Google