So you’re on a device that runs Android Oreo, and you want to see what Android P looks like. Well, the only way to do that right now is through that Android P Developer Preview – and you will specifically need a Google Pixel smartphone to try out that specific preview. Here’s a way to circumvent that situation, and while you need a few requirements to actually experience this, it is still another way to get Android P without Google’s restrictions.

Android P’s visuals and features can now be available to you and your non-Pixel phone through an Xposed module called “Android P-ify”. This will bring some of Android P’s visuals and features to your phone, but it needs a few things from you as well. You need to be on a phone powered by Android 8.1 or to a lesser extent, Android 8.0. The Xposed module will not work for Android Nougat and lower.

Also, you need to have Xposed Framework working on your phone. Most Android fans will know that it takes a bit of work to have Xposed Framework working on your phone, so there is work to be done here. But once all these requirements are ok, then you can install the module via an APK installer just like any other Xposed module you use.

This might need a little bit of patience, since the module has been known to fully work on some devices and not on others. Check out the source link below so you can see what kind of issues the module has before installing it.