The developers from Ubuntu have been busy lately building an all new Ubuntu Phone OS that aims to take Android and other smartphones to a new level. Their entire UI is completely different full of gesture-based on screen actions. We’ve covered it plenty in the past and even got some hands-on time with their new OS. For those that don’t want to wait, read on for more details on this new 3rd party app mimicking the OS.

The developers at XDA have been busy coming up with a similar gesture-based solution, and it appears to work rather well. Just like in Ubuntu Phone OS you simply gesture the quick apps menu on the left side by simply sliding your finger into the screen. From there you can quickly and effectively launch apps with ease. Pretty neat right?

This is an app based on the Ubuntu Phone OS side bar, you don’t have to wait for Ubuntu’s OS to get access to this neat feature and the side-panel. While this is only one of many features of the OS, it’s nice to see a 3rd party app available already to try it out. I’m loving it! Their video is shown using MIUI’s home launcher, but it should work with almost all ROM’s and devices.

The app is currently called Ubuntu Phone Experience but was removed from the Play Store. We’re assuming the Ubuntu in the name had something to do with that. The app is readily available from the XDA link above, and below, and is pretty impressive. They’ll let you adjust the side-bar to show recent apps, select apps of your choice, change the opacity of the side-bar and much more. There’s a premium version to unlock more features and unlimited apps in the side-bar, but the free version is pretty awesome for this initial release. Give it a try today!

Download: Ubuntu Phone Experience

[via XDA]



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