As rumors say that the launch of OnePlus’s next official flagship will come at the end of next month, we’re seeing more and more information spill out as to the possible OnePlus 3, if it’s going to be called that. This new sighting on Geekbench gives us very little to work with, but one piece of data in particular interests us – RAM quantity.


If you haven’t looked hard enough, the image above betrays that there is a whopping 6GB RAM on the RAIN RAIN A3000 – which most industry pundits say is the OnePlus 3. We feel this is no surprise, though, as OnePlus begins to stabilize away from birth pains and onto the mainstream market. A lot of upcoming flagships this year, we feel, will go with 6GB RAM, and it looks like OnePlus will be one of those.


An earlier sighting in AnTuTu and this image we have above of a GFXBench appearance shows 4GB RAM. Unless, the “RAIN A3000” mentioned in this image and the “RAIN RAIN A3000” are different variants. It could be possible, as the GFXBench shows a device with a 5-inch 1080p screen, and we’re pretty doubtful if the flagship will come with a 5-inch screen.

Hold on to your horses as more information will surely be coming through in the next few weeks. Would you consider a OnePlus 3 device as your next upgrade?

SOURCE: Geekbench