The car racing game genre in Android is probably one of the widest there is. Browsing on Google Play, you will find the simplest car racing games with stick figure drawings on one end and the really serious car enthusiast level games that let you tinker around with virtual cars to your delight on another. “Gear.Club” is of the kind that will favor serious car enthusiasts, and you can get it now on Android.

Gear.Club is now officially out on Android via the Google Play Store globally, this after a long period of being in soft launch, which meant it was only available in certain territories. The game is gorgeous in terms of graphics and pretty serious in the gameplay, as the developers are really trying to attract car enthusiasts. You get realistic driving experiences, fully simulated engines, powertrains, aerodynamics, and tweaking suspension – something that would really appeal to gear heads.

Did we mention that the graphics on the game were great? Yes we did, but it probably bears mentioning again, along with the reminder that your smartphone or tablet should probably have the right specs for you to enjoy this game thoroughly. You get realistic and beautiful vistas, really gorgeous to look at. And then of course, as a racing game, you get to race with others. But the beauty of the game is really how deep it goes into customization.


The game is available to download free, with in-app purchases. If you’re the type who is looking for depth in his car racing games, Gear.Club should be the game for you.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store