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Drag race your way to the finish line with Top Speed

Chances are, even if you love drag racing, you will never be able to do it in real life (unless you really are a drag racer). So your next best thing would be mobile games, and the newest one you can try out is called Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, which is obviously a game where you need to be the fastest drag racer in town. And to make it even more exciting, your rivals are “criminally insane”, according to the game description.

Get high on fuel (not literally) with Car Racing 3D game

Another day, another racing game hits the Android market. If you're not into that sort of game genre, then this news will not appeal to you. But if you love trying out new racing games in your quest to find your favorite one, then you'll be excited to know there's a new kid on the block. Car Racing 3D: High On Fuel lets your race through the streets of Trip Island for an adrenaline rush that only a mobile racing game can give you.

Enjoy racing and destroying cars in Demolition Derby: Crash Racing

On paper, demolition derby racing seems like a lot of fun. Who wouldn't want to race cars all over roads while repeatedly ramming into your opponents' cars and not having to suffer criminal consequences for it? But of course in real life, it is messy, expensive, and sometimes kind of dangerous. So good thing, there are mobile games out there that will let you experience this. at least digitally. Demolition Derby: Crash Racing is one such game that you can enjoy on your Android devices.

BREAKARTS is a mecha racing game, you are not ready for it

You’ve seen mecha battle and fighting games, and you’ve probably played a number of car racing games as well. But mix-up the genres and come up with a racing game that features mechs? We are so not ready for this. But nonetheless, “BREAKARTS: Cyber Battle Racing” is here, whether we’re ready or not.

Bandai Namco releases Drift Spirits racing game globally

Apparently, drift races are popular in Japan (we apologize for those who don’t recognize the car racing term), hence the movie reference for “Tokyo Drift”. And so we are not surprised that this drift racing game by Bandai Namco called “Drift Spirits” is uber popular in that market, with 5 million downloads in its pocket. Now Bandai Namco is releasing Drift Kings globally, hoping to infect the Android gaming market with some drift fever.

Race your way to the finish line with Mini Racing Adventures

Racing games are always a good way to pass away the time on your mobile device (if you're into that sort of game, that is). One of the newest ones clamoring for your attention is a realtime multiplayer 3D endless side scrolling physics-based (whew) game called Mini Racing Adventures. You'll help a small but terrible (in a good way) driver called Martin to achieve his dream of becoming the best endurance racer of recent years.

Mini Motor Racing WRT gives you cute cars, global racing action

When Mini Motor Racing came out, we were all treated to a visually great racing game with cute little cars. Not only that, the racing controls were really above average and it was a joy to race while looking at a graphically rich screen. Now the follow-up game has come out, called “Mini Motor Racing WRT” where the initials stand for “World Racing Tour”, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it like you enjoyed the first one.

Racing Fever gets your blood pumping in new Android game

If you could have the chance to drive without speed limits or without consequences (legal or otherwise), would you take it? If you're any kind of driver, of course you would (or even if you don't drive IRL). So your best recourse would be to play mobile games, unless you're willing to go to jail for overspeeding. But Racing Fever will make sure that you stay out of prison, but you also get to vicariously race your heart out in this new game.
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