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Mini Motor Racing WRT gives you cute cars, global racing action

When Mini Motor Racing came out, we were all treated to a visually great racing game with cute little cars. Not only that, the racing controls were really above average and it was a joy to race while looking at a graphically rich screen. Now the follow-up game has come out, called “Mini Motor Racing WRT” where the initials stand for “World Racing Tour”, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it like you enjoyed the first one.

Racing Fever gets your blood pumping in new Android game

If you could have the chance to drive without speed limits or without consequences (legal or otherwise), would you take it? If you're any kind of driver, of course you would (or even if you don't drive IRL). So your best recourse would be to play mobile games, unless you're willing to go to jail for overspeeding. But Racing Fever will make sure that you stay out of prison, but you also get to vicariously race your heart out in this new game.

Cava Racing will challenge you to fly a spaceship smoothly

Here’s another mobile racing game that will make you spend hours focused on your tablet or smartphone screen. Cava Racing requires you to ride a spaceship and drive it through unique tracks. Finish the track provided but you need to learn all the curves and drive through those lines to raise your ranking. Actually, you’re not driving a spaceship, you’re flying it!

Flashout 2S continues anti-gravity racing game series

If you loved Flashout 3D – which I bet many of you did – then the makers of the same game are hoping you’re going to like the sequel as well. This new racing game is called Flashout 2S, and it just made its way to the Google Play Store hoping to get on to Android gamers’ mobile devices. The Flashout gameplay has not changed so much. As a user, you get to hop on an uber-fast anti-gravity ship (which means that it floats, yo) with your arsenal of guns, explosives, rockets, and power boosts to help you win the race. Easy enough, right? Flashout 2S promises to be a more engaging experience than its predecessor, featuring a redesigned Career Mode that has engaging story elements. The game has also improved steering, physics, and has a more challenging AI for your opponents. They’ve also added an Online Multiplayer Mode so you can play not just with the AI, but with other racers out there. [youtube FTN4v12jBsI] The graphics of the game are hugely improved, with tweaks on the controls to make it easier for you to race. And in a rather quirky mood, the game introduces a sound analyzer, which analyzes the songs playing while you’re racing and adjusts the visual effects according to the beat. Quirky, but cool! Pick up the game via the download link below. DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store [timeline]

Kabam releases ‘Fast & Furious: Legacy’, game tie-in to movie

We’ll be seeing what is probably (hopefully?) the last “Fast and the Furious” movie soon as the 7th movie of the franchise rolls into theaters in around a week. We’ll also be seeing the last of Paul Walker (*tear*) together with the Fast and the Furious cast. To hype the movie some more, game dev outfit Kabam has just released “Fast & Furious: Legacy”, a follow up to their surprisingly successful “Fast & Furious 6: The Game” movie tie-in app.

Zombie Highway is back with more cars, zombies, and nitro

With zombies still being the "it thing" in pop culture, you would need to have different iterations or combinations with other things we love in order not to have zombie fatigue. Zombie Highway had the great idea to bring zombie, guns, and cars together in one game. The sequel is now available for Android devices and the developers have added one more, errr, explosive ingredient for Zombie Highway 2 and that is nitro.

SBK14 is the official Superbike game app, now available at Google Play

There’s a big market for sports game apps in the Android ecosystem – and with a little imagination and some intuitive game mechanics, it could be a recipe for great marketing and awareness of any specific sport. A racing sport like the Superbike World Championship has a lot of reasons why it should get into the Android market – maybe that’s why it has now released SBK14, the official Superbike game app, via the Google Play Store.

Late Again teaches you how to avoid, hide from your boss

Whenever I'm late for a meeting or an appointment, I'd wish that with just a snap of my fingers I could be at the venue in an instant. I know that's impossible so I'd just wish to run or drive as fast as I could. But when you're late, you're late. You can't hide that but you can trick your boss by acting as if you're doing work like collecting files along the way to your desk.
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