It used to be just GIFs that make online text and conversations fun now that there are emojis. We’ve been using those cute smileys for years and we’ve seen different versions already. There are stickers too that help us get our message across when you run out of words or you know, simply those times when you want to make fun of the other person. Communication is key to any relationship and it’s always good to add some fun and excitement to any discussion. Admit it, sometimes, you just send emojis or GIFs for no reason at all.

If you’re a fan of emojis, stickers, and GIFs, you will be happy to know they will now be part of Gboard. We’ve been waiting for this to happen and now you can look for emoji and GIFs and buy stickers right on the keyboard app.

At this point, there may be thousands of emoji, stickers, and GIFs. Searching for the best one to use and send may take a lot of time but Google is adding AI to the program. Gboard will take advantage of artificial intelligence to suggest characters that may be related and significant to the discussion.

It may seem Google will be “reading” your conversations but it’s simply AI. It can understand your personality and feelings so it will know your potential response. You may no longer need to search and think for the appropriate GIF or emoji, you’ll just have to choose from the suggestions.

When you see the GIF suggestions, click on one and then send. Initially, the feature will be available in English only but Google has plans to expand to other languages and even other types of content. This is made possible by on-device AI that we believe will become a standard in more devices soon.

SOURCE: The Keyword