Google on-device AI

Of all the new Android phones due this October, we were anticipating for the Huawei Mate 20 series to arrive with ‘Higher Intelligence’. That meant better artificial intelligence (AI) as the top Chinese phone maker has been promoting. As for Google, it didn’t really mention much about AI until this week when a page is dedicated to explaining what AI is all about. On The Keyword blog, the tech giant explains Artificial Intelligence as that tech that allows phones and other devices to learn and act smarter.

What AI does is understand what is written or spoken. It also helps in recognizing objects and people found in images. A phone usually has a training machine inside that remembers all patterns and data. The AI then generates predictions based on items saved on the cloud.

AI can do a lot of things including searching for answers on Google or filtering spam emails. It is found on the Pixel 3 phones so we know they are more powerful than ever. Internet connection isn’t really a requirement because the idea is a device has the AI built-in already.

Pixel 3’s on-device AI promises powerful cloud computing and machine learning. On-device/built-in means less consumption of battery and even data. Major AI features and capabilities you can take advantage on the Pixel 3 include Take Call Screen, AI Call Screen, new low-power vision models, Photobooth Mode, Top Shot, and Playground.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)


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