Well looks like Gateway is looking to get in on this “tablet” thing. Unfortunately their take on Honeycomb doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of “unique.” Hiding inside what is, quite literally, a shiny black box, is hardware almost identical to many of the tablets we’ve seen so far. Unless Gateway plans on making this device pretty cheap, it doesn’t look to have much over current offerings. Unless you really like glossy plastic.

If this sounds familiar stop me, but the Gateway TPA60W, as it’s called, will be sporting a 10.1″ screen atop NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual core processor. In addition the tablet features a 5MP and 2MP camera in the rear and front respectively, which at least puts its camera’s a bit ahead of others’ like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is also sporting standard WiFi and Bluetooth radios for all your connectivity needs.

Now as a lover of stock Android, I’m not saying what we need here is some OEM specific software, but the apparent stagnation in some of the Honeycomb hardware of late has been making it hard for Android tablets to compete. While the ASUS Transformer offers the awesome ability to turn into a laptop (an ability which is helping it sell quite well), there is little hardware difference between any of the current Honeycomb tablets, especially since we’ve yet to see one run on a chip other then the Tegra 2.

Hopefully once manufacturers get a better handle of making tablets, we’ll start to see some of the hardware and design differences that make the selection of Android phones so great.

[via wireless goodness]