The Android platform recently got AndNav2, the first turn-by-turn navigation application for Android without the need for a monthly subscription plan. We suspected that Garmin was going to release their Garmin mobile turn-by-turn application for Android sometime in 2009.

Our members are already very excited about Android reaching out to other types of devices as Google has promised. Now Garmin has finally announced that they will be releasing their own Android-powered devices sometime in the second half of 2009, shortly after the company’s delayed nuvifone. According to Asia Pacific marketing director, Tony An, the nuvifone will hit the Taiwan market in Q2 2009, with self-developed Android devices coming later. There are still very few details as to Garmin’s Android-powered handset. But what we do know is the device will be completed exclusively in-house by Garmin and only manufactured externally.

An went on to say that the company expects sales to jump as much as 50 percent next year due to the growing market for navigation systems.  Garmin recently joined the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) as one of the 14 new members. No one knew whether they would be writing software for current devices or creating devices of their own.  We will bring you more information on this device as it becomes available.

[Via SlashGear]