The GameStick game console was another Kickstarter success story in terms of funding and while we wait for those units to begin shipping, we have some good news for those who choose not to back. Of course, going back to the successful funding, we suppose this latter group may be the minority. Regardless though, the good news as of today is that pre-orders have come available.

The GameStick pre-orders are available by way of the website and are powered by Amazon. Basically, the powered by Amazon part should help to make the purchase process a bit quicker and easier. Well, that is assuming you already have an active and up to date Amazon account. Those looking to pre-order will be able to grab the console itself for $79 as well as GameStick dock and case.

The dock is $24.99 and the case is $9.99. An availability date of April 30, 2013 is revealed during the checkout process. Otherwise, the word coming from GameStick notes that “pre-ordered devices will ship immediately after fulfillment of the initial Kickstarter run in April.” While those placing a pre-order now will have to wait for delivery until a time when the Kickstarter backers all receive their shipments, the good news is that you will have priority over the retail availability.

Bottom line here, we now have the GameStick and the OUYA (both of which came out of Kickstarter) going head-to-head in the Android based game console space. OUYA launched pre-order availability a short while back and while the GameStick is a bit lower priced, they are both close in price. For those who are interested but have yet to commit, which will it be — a GameStick or an OUYA?

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