The GameStick Kickstarter campaign launched earlier in the month and immediately captured some attention. In fact, within the first 30 hours they managed to reach their initial $100,000 funding goal. And we say initial because they later added some additional perks for higher funding levels. But all that may not be important at this time as the GameStick Kickstarter page has recently disappeared.

The reason behind the removal, an IP dispute. Those visiting the page will be greeted with a message that reads rather simply that the GameStick “is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and currently unavailable.” The question now is whether it will come back, or remain unavailable.

At this time the project has not been killed entirely and at the moment, has just been “removed from public view.” Further details note that if they are not able to re-post it within 30 days, they “will cancel the project.” And to those who backed, rest assured in knowing that if that happens — you will not be charged for your pledge.

All said and done, the details are on the light side at the moment. Simply put, there has been no indication given as to who (or which company) triggered this dispute. Nonetheless, we are thinking that those who did pledge to back this project will be rather disappointed considering this seemed like a fairly solid deal for a pledge of less than $100.

Update: It looks like PlayJam, the folks behind the GameStick have responded in regards to this issue. And for those who were feeling a bit worried about the future of the product, it is looking as if things are going to work out. PlayJam has said that the IP dispute was not in regards to the actual product, but in regards to one of their promo videos. More specifically, one of their promo videos had exposed a game without clearance. Anyway, said video is being updated and it is looking like things will return sooner rather than later.

Update 2: And it is back. Currently sitting at $308,471 with 21 days remaining.

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