The GameStick launched earlier in the month as a Kickstarter campaign and quickly captured some attention. The game console quickly rose above the $100,000 goal and is currently sitting at $274,864 with another 22 days left. To be specific, they actually reached that $100k goal in about 30 hours. So with the initial goal being meet — what is a company to do to attract some additional attention.

That question can probably be answered in numerous ways, however in the case of GameStick, they will be offering additional features and perks as they reach certain dollar amounts. In fact, GameStick now has goal amounts set at $320k, $450k and $560K. Additionally, those who have already backed the campaign will be able to chip in another $10 to get a carry case.

That bit aside though, lets get into what will come if the campaign reaches these new goal levels. The $320K level will bring an additional color — black. The GameStick is currently going to ship in white. Given the campaign is currently sitting at about $275k, this goal seems pretty likely.

Moving up and we have the $450k level. This level will bring yet another additional color. This color will be picked based on popular vote. Backers will be able to register their vote on the GameStick Facebook page. The colors include gunmetal gray, dark blue, orange, pink, light green and Famicon gold/red. Finally, the $560k level means a memory card slot. Specifically, a microSD card slot for additional storage while on the go.


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