The GameStick, which is a bit late to the Android game console race, has an ace up its sleeve. While many considered the Dongle/controller combo a bit underwhelming, it did score points for being compact and portable. It didn’t seem to excite those who enjoy a more plugged-in experience, but that’s all changed.

The FCC recently gave a passing grade to the GameStick Dock, which is designed to give the portable game device an actual console feel. While it’s still very slight, the GameStick Dock does a lot. Everything from running an ethernet cable to an SD Card slot is squeezed in, and it also packs in a few USB and HDMI ports for added flexibility.

The dock also has the ability to charge the GameStick’s controller. By setting the squared controller on top of the GameStick Dock, two pogo pins will charge you back up for more gaming time. That’s going to come in handy when surfing Netflix or playing one of the many games available at launch this month– so long as the GameStick doesn’t suffer another delay.

The GameStick will cost $79.99, and the dock will run you $49.99. That’s a bit pricier than the Ouya at $99.99, but what will ultimately matter is which games are available. A cursory glance at the GameStick library looks much more appealing than the Ouya offerings, but we’ll hold judgement until we get a hands-on look.

SOURCE: Liliputing