The PlayJam Gamestick mini Android console has seen its share of delays and issues, but sadly we have another one to report. After pushing back and delaying the launch more than a few times, we’re now hearing October 29th will be the official launch date. This kickstarter backed Android-powered gaming device still has interest, but they better hurry and get it in the hands of gamers and developers.

Following the OUYA footsteps, this console quickly gained popularity on Android and tech sites and was funded through Kickstarter, but just like most from the funding site it has been delayed more times than we can count. The last time we talked about it, in late August, the date was pushed back to September.

Sadly, now that it’s September they are pushing it back to the tail end of October. Will it ever arrive? At that point I’ll already be looking forward to a Tegra 4 powered OUYA 2, or the rumored Android Game-console from Google.

PlayJam confirmed those who backed the project will receive it a few weeks before retail. So likely sometime in early October if no other delays appear, then late in the month regular folks can grab one and game away. As expected it will be at Gamestop, Amazon, and a few others for the $79 price point that made it so popular to begin with. The PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith claims the delays are to ensure the best product possible, so hopefully the wait will be worth it.

VIA: Gamespot