Square Enix’s Final Fantasy IX is arriving on Android soon. We never doubted that it’s coming because past Final Fantasy games have been top favorites of Android gamers. We’re excited to see the upgraded graphics and the actual gameplay. We’re assuming this will be a premium app as with all other Final Fantasy games. As to how much, we have no idea yet.

Final Fantasy IX is a story of a war between nations. Zidane Tribal is a thief who wants to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria. He joins a group of warriors determined to beat the one who started the war–the Queen.

Some gameplays of the latest Final Fantasy are available on YouTube. Square Enix are showcasing the Final Fantasy IX and now we have a clue about the graphics quality. The video shows two Japanese commentators discussing the game. We don’t understand Japanese but we learned the game will allow speeding up the scenes and will feature auto-save on the cloud. We can also expect that Square Enix will still use the ATB battle system.

No information yet on exact roll out date on the Play Store but when that day comes, we’re sure thousands will download the game immediately no matter what the price will be.