Gameloft‘s first game to land for Android running on the Epic-powered Unreal Graphics Engine is finally available today. Wild Blood was teased back in August from the folks at Gameloft, and today without much of an announcement it is available for all. This impressive looking new game is now on the Google Play Store for $6.99.

In Wild Blood you’ll get to enjoy and relive the tale of Sir Lancelot as you go through his adventurous journeys slashing and swinging his sword, and defeating everything in his path. What makes this fun is you’ll be enjoying this all in excellent HD and 3D graphics on Android thanks to the Unreal Engine. This should be one of the best looking mobile games around.

We have King Arthur going crazy with jealousy, Sir Lancelot will have to save Guinevere and the world and as Gameloft says, “face his destiny.” We’ll let you guys make up your own jokes and funny little tag-lines for this game, as there should be plenty of them.

All jokes aside, this game really should have some Epic graphics with stunning details, lighting, textures and more. We’ve been waiting for Unreal’s graphics engine to finally start appearing on mobile devices and this is one of many coming soon. You’ll be playing across 10 detailed levels, facing 20 difficult enemies, and they’ve even added an 8-person multiplayer mode with 4-vs-4 team deathmatch games. Check out the gameplay video below and then get Wild Blood right now for just $7 at the Google Play Store.