Gameloft unleashed the rumor mill last week after posting an awesome picture of their upcoming next generation title for Android and iOS. The game had no name, but we can now confirm is called “Wild Blood” and is their first game to use the wildly popular Unreal Graphics Engine. Unreal is behind the iOS hit Infinity Blade, and multiple games like Gears of War, and now is finally coming to Android full steam.

The first Android game with the Unreal Engine powering the impressive graphics was Dungeon Defenders, but Gameloft’s upcoming bloody battle game will be their best game yet. In what is surely going to be one of their most “Epic” games to date, here’s the first teaser trailer:

Think God of War mixed with a little Infinity Blade, and this is what you get. Although the trailer didn’t reveal much. Epic Games, the developers behind the Unreal Engine have been powering some of the biggest games to date. From all the Tom Clancy games, Gears of War, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, and tons of others I can’t think of on consoles. Bringing their evolving and extremely visually impressive graphics to Android has been something I’m sure many gamers are excited about.

Gameloft hasn’t shared any details on this upcoming game, but hopefully we’ll know more soon. After waiting almost a week since the first teaser image we now have an actual video. Our initial guess of “Wild Blood” turned out to be right after all. The graphics aren’t quite what I was hoping, but still look impressive. Gameloft teases there is a hint hiding about the story line in the preview. Can any of you spot it? Who’s excited about the just announced Wild Blood?