The developers at Gameloft have a pretty epic looking team-based first person shooter game coming soon for Android. A few weeks back we showed you all a quick teaser for the upcoming game called Blitz Brigade, and now an actual gameplay trailer is available for your viewing pleasure below. This actually shows up how fun this game will really be.

Our initial impressions immediately thought of the classic shooter Team Fortress 2 on desktops, and this new gameplay trailer we still have pretty much the same thoughts. Although that certainly isn’t a bad thing because TF2 is still one of the best shooters around. Think awesome cartoon characters running around all silly with rocket launchers and heavily artillery. Sounds great right?

This will be a multiplayer team-based shooter for Android smartphones and tablets, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this new game. As we said before this looks to be a nice mash-up of TF2 and Battlefield Heroes all rolled into one — for our favorite mobile devices. Check it out below:

Gameloft explains it by saying “War just got a whole lot crazier” and we have a feeling this game won’t disappoint. There will be 5 unique and great looking characters to choose from (as shown above) tons of weapons, explosives, rocket launchers and upgrades. Expect different level classes, multiple maps, and fun vehicles to cause mayhem. There will also be single-player campaign levels for those who don’t want to get online and play with your fellow Android peers. Stay tuned as we’ll update once it arrives in the Play Store.


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