Gameloft’s Modern Combat Series, you know, the one that totally isn’t a popular console game from Activision, is getting its third installment very soon. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation features new gameplay enhancements and graphics, and Gameloft was kind enough to show off a new trailer for the military shoot-em-up on YouTube. From the look of things, console-quality shoots are very nearly a reality on Android.

The graphics and gameplay look about on-par with the original Xbox or PlayStation 2 – an impressive feat on a mobile platform. Touchscreen controls allow players to walk, rumor crouch, and the iron sight mechanic will be familiar to anyone who’s played a shooter in the last five years. A full multi-player mode is included, though 3-on-3 Wifi battles is as complex as it will get in the third version of the game.

Check out the official trailer below:

For the sake of specificity, the video is from the Android version, not iOS – you can tell from Apple’s fanatical aversion to 16:9 screen ratios. There’s no official date set yet, but IGN is reporting that Modern Combat 3 will be available on Thursday, October 27th for less than $10. For those of you craving some HD gaming in the meantime, check out Gameloft’s Halloween sale, where you can pick up Uno, Order and Chaos or Backstab HD for just 99 cents.

[via DroidGamers]