Ever since Supercell hit the jackpot with its MMO strategy game “Clash of Clans”, every other developer out there aimed to get a piece of that action as well. Truth is, nothing as of yet has come to the level of Clans when we talk about numbers, but no one can say that Supercell’s peers have not tried. Here is a new effort from Gameloft called “March of Empires”, and it attempts to give a little bit of depth to the online multiplayer strategy game genre.

March of Empires is, at its core, still an MMO strategy game, and in that it will still be similar to the others in the genre. What it does is expand on some elements so that they don’t feel contrived. A player starts out by selecting what type of ruler he/she wants to be. There are three choices, and each choice will have an advantage or disadvantage that goes with it – choose to be a Highland King, a Northern Czar or a Desert Sultan.


Users will then be given a castle and a small territory to start building structures and train troops of different kinds. As with the genre, different structures give you different capabilities and upgrade bonuses. While all of this is pretty standard, things get a little more interesting as you expand your territory, giving you more points to defend, but certainly more resources. If you check out the video below, the game map is huge.

Of course, you can either play the game solo or with the alliances that make questing and conquering easier. The game is scheduled to launch on Android soon, and you can actually pre-register for the game via the Play Store link below.

PRE-REGISTER: Google Play Store