Supercell’s latest update to its genre-breaking massively multiplayer online (MMO) real time strategy game (RTS) “Clash of Clans” is a little bit bigger than what regular players are used to, so it would be wise to expect a good number of changes within the game with this update. Coming to the game specifically will be Level 5 Dragons (yes!), a new Dark Elixir factory, a second Air Sweeper from Town Hall level 9 among other little changes within the game.

Surely though, Level 5 Dragons will have to get you excited – accees to that starts at Town Hall level 10. The update will also debut the Dark Spell Factory with three new spells, all this using Dark Elixir that can be used once you reach Town Hall level 8. These two new elements alone will change attack strategies all over the game, and even more ways of earning stars.

One of the new spells available to the user is the Earthquake Spell, which you can use to rattle away hitpoints from enemy buildings and walls. Basically, the more hitpoints a building or structure has, the more damage it will take. Lastly, the update will usher in gaming in the Titan League, which will be available for players with over 5000 trophies.

If you haven’t updated your game, make sure to do so when you get connected on a wifi network – the update is large enough to need a wifi connection. If you haven’t tried Clash of Clans yet, what are you waiting for?

SOURCE: Supercell
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store