Gameloft revealed GT Racing 2 way back in September. That initial unveil did include some details on the game, however without anything solid in terms of a release date, it ended up being more of a teaser than anything else. Well, flash forward a few months time and GT Racing 2 has arrived in the Play Store.

GT Racing 2 is a free download and brings with it the ability to play solo or multiplayer. There is a total of 13 tracks and 67 cars from a mix of Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi and Ford. In total, GT Racing 2 features cars from more than 30 manufacturers. And along with the real cars, the track list includes the real Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Otherwise, Gameloft mentioned how the game has more than 1,400 events to test your driving skills. These include classic races as well as duels, knockouts and overtakes. There is also 28 new challenges each week to test and improve your virtual driving skills. Regardless of whether you choose to go solo or multiplayer, Gameloft also went for authenticity with this release.

Details here point towards a new physics model, which according to Gameloft, means users will have the “most realistic car dynamics ever offered in a handheld game.” Other bits here include tracks that have different weather conditions and can be raced at different times of day as well as the ability to choose between four different camera angles.

With that, GT Racing 2 is currently sitting in the Google Play Store.