Gameloft has announced that after a limited time on iOS they’ve brought their extremely popular RPG game Dungeon Hunter 4 to Android. We’re still awaiting more details about Iron Man 3, but in the meantime taking advantage of this awesome and 4th release to their hit RPG game certainly isn’t a bad idea. Read on for more details on this impressive and addicting mobile game.

Dungeon Hunter is one of the most popular RPG games on mobile, and this marks the 4th installment from Gameloft. With more than 100,000 players who enjoyed DH3 it’s safe to assume 4 should be just as good, or better. This hack and slash style game is available as we speak, so the teaser from last month wasn’t kidding when it said coming soon.

For a better idea of what to expect from the folks at Gameloft and their new and improved Dungeon Hunter 4, you’ll want to check out the launch trailer below with a little game footage and more. It shows us the improved graphics and in-depth story line before letting you dive in blade first.

Building on the previous version the graphics have been improved, gameplay should be better and more smooth, and of course the support for more devices. They’ve stuck to the freemium model with this new game, but promise a pretty engaging experience for gamers and DH fans alike. Sadly there’s just tons of in-app purchases everywhere.

With 4 types of warriors, multiplayer, co-op mode and more it’s certainly worth giving a try. Especially for free. Hit the link below to get started but be aware of the additional download file. You might want a WiFi connection.

[via Play Store]



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