Today we have a few exciting things coming from Gameloft. While we’re waiting for them to unveil their new Iron Man 3 game for Android, today they’re teasing the 4th release to their extremely popular RPG game. All you die hard RPG fans will be happy to know that Dungeon Hunter 4 is coming soon – and looks pretty amazing. Check out the video below with gameplay footage.

Gameloft is no stranger to teasing games before they are released, and today they are doing just that with the latest Dungeon Hunter. This is by far one of their more popular series just like Asphalt, and DH3 alone has nearly 100,000 installs and tons of players. The evil is back yet again and are bigger and wicked as ever. The graphics look great too.

Their acclaimed action RPG series has continued to improve and evolve with each new release, and Gameloft is promising Dungeon Hunter 4 will be the best one yet. Calling it the “most immersive, accomplished and addictive chapter yet” in the RPG saga. Without further chatting, enjoy the quick teaser video.

As always, the game is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android as stated by Gameloft at the end of all their videos. We’ve been waiting for them to start releasing games on both platforms at the same time, and have done so a few times, but we’ll have to wait and see. Gameloft promised exactly that back last year but for them that’s been easier said than done. In Dungeon Hunter 4 a Hero will rise to save the city. Will that be you?

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