Today we’re getting our first look at what could be a pretty awesome game from the folks at Gameloft. In their usual fashion we’re getting nothing but a teaser trailer today, and we’ll probably get another in a few weeks when they officially announce more details. It looks pretty awesome but sadly there’s no actual gameplay footage.

Gameloft has continued to push out pretty impressive games lately, we’re just hoping this won’t be full of in-app purchases. The new game is called Gangstar Vegas, and follows along with their other Gangstar game franchise titles that have been popular on Android and iOS. It might not reveal much, but for those who love a good game this could be worthy of checking out.

Gameloft really doesn’t reveal anything here, like at all. The only real hint comes from the YouTube description mentioning we’ll be able to “plunge into Las Vegas’s Underworld” in this new acclaimed open-world game. It certainly isn’t Grand Theft Auto, but it’s close. The preview is pretty awesome, and graphic because this is Vegas, so use caution.

Only in Vegas can you find all of that with ease. Especially at 0:15 seconds. You get a glimpse or 3 of the city, but nothing of the actual game. We’ll have to wait for another video for that. While we’re still patiently awaiting Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade to be released, this new Gangstar Vegas is listed as coming soon. Stay tuned!