One of the most popular mobile games for Android is almost certainly Modern Combat. Gameloft released a teaser video late last month showing off their latest and greatest, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and today they’ve dropped another quick video giving us an awesome behind-the-scenes look at this upcoming shooter for Android.

So far we have to admit, this game looks mightily impressive. We already knew it was going to be pretty epic but today’s first of many videos shows us even more of what to expect. Gameloft is calling this the developer diaries where we’ll get to see detailed gameplay video and more over the coming weeks before release. Take a peek below.

During the video above we see some incredible graphics and gameplay situations for a mobile device. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at some of the content and game creations, and what went into the thought process and developers minds while making this next-gen game. With stunning graphics, an increased polygon count for detailed textures and more we’re certainly seeing one of the best mobile games to date here.

Gameloft even details and mentions the Havok Engine is being used, which is similar to NVIDIA’s PhysX engine for a more realistic experience. This enables the game surroundings to change each time you play based on destruction, grenades, and other level altering situations. Some of those green trees sure reminds me of Crysis — just a thought. Who’s excited for this next-gen game from the folks at Gameloft? Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour should be arriving soon for Android so stay tuned.