It looks as if Gameloft has quietly released the much anticipated racing game Asphalt 6 for Android recently. I’ve not heard anything about it. I didn’t see it posted on @GameloftAndroid on twitter or anything. I’m not sure why it was such a quiet launch, but at least it is finally here. I think they are still working on it as not all phones can get it yet. I tried for the Atrix and the site said it was not released for that device yet.

Obviously it is still a work in progress and I’m assuming they will release it for all compatible phones as they go. As Gameloft optimizes games to individual phones and this is part of the reason the good games are still not in the Android Market. When you download the game you buy, it is for your actual device. They had Asphalt 6 for phones like the Nexus S, the Droid/2, the Droid X and more, but it wasn’t listed for oldies such as my Nexus One.

I was hoping to find a Motorola Xoom version of Asphalt 6 but that was just wishful thinking. I’m sure it will be coming soon. I tried to get it for the Atrix as it is a higher resolution phone as well as having the same dual core Tegra 2 inside and I was going to use that on my Xoom but they didn’t have a version for it like I mentioned above. I have a feeling it will be coming to the Nvidia Tegra Zone soon though, but only time will tell. As soon as we get more information, or are lucky enough to get Asphalt 6 on our Xoom. I’ll be sure to post some screenshots for you all to enjoy. But for now head over to Gameloft and get Asphalt 6 for your Android phone. Or just click here.

[via Gameloft]